Message From School Topper

June 28, 2018

Message From School Topper

The only thing I want to tell right now is ‘THANK YOU!

Huge thankyou to my mum and dad for what I am today is all because of them, to my teachers and school, for bringing out the best out of me and for always believing on me and friends, seniors and juniors who always supported me this way or the other when I needed them the most. This couldn’t have been possible without you all. I feel literally blessed and gratified. Thanking each and everyone for everything! And I know this is just the beginning, I’ve got a long journey ahead, and I’ve got a lot to do. I promise you guys, to try my best! And for my dear juniors seeking advices for me on how to read, I want to tell that,’ Don’t just study hard, Study ‘SMART’.’ And yes, never underestimate yourself, you’re that, what you think to be. Always learn from your mistakes. Do you guys think that I’ve committed no mistakes? To be ho nest, A lot. But what I am always insisting to do is learn from them and never repeat them. And never try to lag behind or stop yourself from going further listening to criticisms on you. Remember, they are the points where you can improve. Learn from them. Finally, ‘Don’t just read, Learn’. Don’t be limited to books. Explore knowledges and relate everything. Enjoy learning. Again, THANK YOU! and my best wishes to everyone.”

- Apeksha KC 

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