1. Morning Assembly:
Morning Assembly begins at 9:10 every day. All students must be present in the assembly and involved in various activities held during the assembly which starts formally with the national anthem. A well-begun is half done. Various brief programs are conducted during assembly such as Morning Prayers, Birthday Wish, Speech, etc. sharing talents of individuals.

2. English:
Lessons are taught in English apart from Nepali. Students learn to speak excellent English, write it fluently and correctly, and read it with pleasure. All four language skills i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing are given preference.

3. Nepali:
Our students must develop a love and respect for our Nepali Language, Literature, and Culture. They must learn to write Nepali perfectly as well as speak it. They develop their language skills through writing debates, poetry stories as well as grammar.

4. Maths/Science/Social Studies/Arts:
Various Co-Curricular activities related to these subjects are also done throughout the year. Theoretical Information is important but understanding comes from practical activities. Various Performances in these subjects are also demonstrated along with 1st Term and 3rd Term Exam Results. Respected Parents and Guardians can watch them and give feedback on this occasion for encouragement and improvement.

5. Students’ Quality Circle
SQC is an innovative co-curricular activity implemented in our school. Students can participate in the SQC Program which focuses on making a total quality person. Our students and teachers participated in International conferences including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Mauritius etc. Various programs are held throughout the year.

6. Sports/Music Dance
Students can participate in sports, music, and dance according to their interests. They are getting suitable environments throughout the year to enhance their caliber and hidden potentiality.

7. Calligraphy
Calligraphy means beautiful handwriting. Beautiful handwriting is the ornament of the students. Students are learning the art of calligraphy from different handwriting experts and teachers.

8. Scout:
Scout is one of the worldwide youth organizations. Scouting is a movement that aims to support young students in their social, physical, mental, and spiritual development so that they may play constructive roles in society. Some interested students are learning scout skills and many batches have already completed the investiture ceremony. Learning by doing, ten laws and three promises, self-discipline, and nature are at the core of this movement.

9. Computer:
Computer classes with Internet Facilities with a sufficient number of computers are provided.